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Tassie is committed to guiding you every step of the way through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. She understands your needs and concerns, and offers each service so that you experience the most natural, intuitive way of giving birth. Contact her today to learn more and schedule a  consultation.


Pregnancy & Childbirth Consultation

Healthy Nutrition, Unassisted Pregnancy, Birth Supplies 

With this service,  necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients  for a healthy pregnancy, an easier labor and swift childbirth will be discussed. Prenatal care methods will be covered, as well as legal information needed for government documents. A checklist of birth supplies will also be given. Any other questions and concerns regarding pregnancy and childbirth is covered here.


Breastfeeding Consultation

 Breastfeeding Support

Establishing a hearty and sufficient breastmilk supply is the goal here. Proper latching techniques, galactagogues, breastfeeding positions, how often baby should be eating, and more is discussed during this consultation.


"My body was designed to birth babies, just as it was designed to make babies."

Tassie Morris


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About Me

Who is Tassie?

Tassie Morris is a mystical mom of 9, who has mastered the magic of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Having had six of her children unassisted, she then became an Unassisted Childbirth Advocate, and Consultant. Her passion and advocacy in birthwork has led her to guiding other wombmen on their rite of passage journey into motherhood.

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